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Date: March 18th 1917

Sat March 18/17.

Mrs H Johns

Dear Mother:- Well Mother as I am not very busy this afternoon. I am writing a few lines to you as I know you will expect a letter every week. I wrote Addie a few days ago. and also Mrs Cooper I got Addies Box a day after I wrote hers so in Mrs Coopers letter I told her to tell Addie that I got it I am well at present and hope you are all the same. How is Grandpa standing the winter It seems a long time since I saw you all by the time you get this it will be nearly 6 months as it was the beginning of Oct. when I was home last. Yet I can remember just what I did and what happened just as if it was yesterday. So no matter how long I am away It will always be a pleasent memory those last few days home. It will be eleven months tomorrow since I signed up. and It was just 9 months after I signed up that We went into the trenches first time rather funny don't you think how things happen? That honey of Mrs Coopers did not last long. only 2 meals as there were 10 of us in that room. I see Jackson and the rest of the boys every day. Meeting Johnny Beere out here was also nice. I saw Wygold and Bob Ray last Sunday so it was a general reunion all around The weather has been cold and damp this last week . I suppose it will hold up opperations to some extent on the battle-front. Great things will and must happen these next few months to come. I sent Lloyd a Field Service card a day or two ago. I'm keeping a few to send when I have not got time to write a letter. so if you get one instead of a letter don't be dissapointed. Well I must close now as supper will soon be here

With Love From Earl

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