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Date: March 17th 1918

439 Maitland St

London March 17/18

Dear Ida

I am sure you have wondered why I did not answer your letter but when I tell you just how full my hands & heart have been you will understand. A month ago last Wednesday May took sick from over work a complete physical collapse. she was in the hospital in a private room for ten days then she came home & for a week seemed to get on fine then she took a relapse & we had a nurse here for another week she seems to be realy on the improve now but is still quite weak she walked around the block today with he father & that is the most she has done yet so you will quite understand just how busy I have been & quite unable to get help I have tried to get a girl or woman but it seems impossible to get help. however I hope the worst is over now, I expect it will be some weeks yet before May will be able to go back to the hospital but she is anxious to finish her course

I suppose you are busy now getting ready for spring work hasent it been a long winter & yet it keeps cold we saw a robin today it made us think spring would surely soon be here.

May had a letter from Addie just before she took ill. little Margaret must be very attractive now she will soon be two years old how the time passes. Clare will be dead ten months next saturday. time passes no matter how sad we are. we have never received his personal effects yet we had word from Ottawa that had arrived there & told us what they were & we would receive them we waited a month & when they did not come Alden wrote & we had word some two or three weeks ago that they had been sent to the wrong address in Canada but would be sent to us & still they have not come dosent it seem too bad it keeps one on the strain all the time.

Have you yet heard any more of Earls things my this terrible war it goes on & seems darker instead of brighter when will it end

We had hoped to see you all at Easter but I am afraid now it will not be possible it comes so early this year. however we hope to see you all before a great while I suppose George is after the muskrats now we were speaking about it the other day.

Remember us to all the family
yours lovingly

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