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Date: March 19th 1917

Somewhere in France
Tues. March 19/17

Mrs. H. Johns
Ont. Can.

Dear Mother :- Just a few lines to let you know I am well and not forgetting to write you every week. I have not had any letters from Canada for nearly 3 weeks Something wrong with the mail service I suppose as I know you write every week. I am in a very nice dugout at time of writing but will go out on post at midnight untill 6 A.M. It is raining rather hard at present and is a dissagreable night. Very dark also. Things are a little more noisy this time in but it is to be expected at this time of the year lots of fireworks you know but thank goodness the most of it is going the right way (Fritz) We have heard some rumors that the Germans have fallen back at some points. We saw a lot of fire the night before last. I guess he was burning towns or some supplies on his way back. You people will know more of what is going on here than we do as we do not have any newspaper here. I lost my pencil that you sent at Xmas I wish you would send another like it. Also tell Lloyd to send the Argosy or some other magazines as good so when we are out in billets I will have something to read

By the time you get this letter you people will be looking for seeding weather. I hope by that time Fritz will be on his way home. Quite a bit to hope for is it not. I hope this finds you all well I must close now as it is getting late. From Earl

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Original Scans