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Date: March 27th 1917

Somewhere - in - France
Tues. March 27/17

Mrs. H. Johns

Dear Mother:- I am writing this on the chance that its your turn I wrote one the other night and forget if it was to you or Addie but I think its your turn. I got several letters after I wrote Addie 11 in all in two days. one from Uncle Josh. Ed you. Addie, and others. Wilfred will soon be scooting around the roads in his road louse well I wish him good luck with it and hope to take a ride in it soon. Uncle Josh said that I was due for a ride as soon as got home. ( He can come to Toronto to meet me if he likes) (ha ha) I am counting my chickens before they are hatched don't you think? I just finished cleaning my equipment and rifle and eat my supper so I am free for the evening Oh. I forgot to say that we are in billets again in a nice room behind a resterant or pie shop. also refreshment (bottled) I am glad to say that I have quit drinking water since I have left the trenches where we get a little rum. We get good tea 3 times a day the water is not much good. A person cannot say that he drinks rum. You do not get a drink only a swallow. It will strangle you quicker than white-wine vinegar if you go to take a breath between the two little swallows why your wind has gone for the time being. But it cheers one up wonderfully after being up all night with nothing to eat to see the sergeant coming up the trench with the rum in a water bottle under his arm. We are always willing to wait a few minutes longer to get our issue. If you ever hear anybody say that they think its a shame that the soldiers are given rum why just tell them a thing or two from me. I'll bet they don't have any boys over here they don't know under what conditions we have to live over here. Well I hope you are all well as this leaves me feeling great. The French woman in whose house we are is very kind she puts a fire in the room every day so we are nice and warm. Well I must close now

With Love
From Earl

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