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Date: May 10th 1917

Thursday May 10/17

L. Johns

Dear Brother:-

Well Lloyd how is the world using you these days. living pretty fat I'll bet. By the time you get this letter the work will be a little slack just between seeding and hoeing time. If the weather is anything there like it is here why it could not be better. Its all sunshine. We had a rather heavy rain on Tuesday night but there is no trace of it now. I am getting my boxes very regular I got one last night one cake inside a round tin box was a little spoiled no doubt on account of the warm weather. There was no tag on it to say when it was sent. You need not send much tobacco after this as I do not use it. I give it to some of the others, I do not like it in hot weather. But you might send me a V. As we do not get any too much. There is lots of things such as fruit that will come this summer. I think more of that and less meat will do us more good. I have some extra yet so do not think I am short of it yet. I am on guard to-day and believe me I dont think much of it either as there is a concert in the Y.M.C.A. for our Battn so I will miss it. Also ball games this after noon. There is lots of sport for us when we come out of the line. The Y.M.C.A. has supplies for all games which are loaned to us. There are footballs, base-ball, tennis, cricket etc. and plenty of ground to play it on. How does the rifle shoot now, can you catch the ground hogs with it better than the old one. The one I have shoots good I tried it last time out and made a good score. We do not get much chance to shoot at Fritz as he is quite a ways from our lines. I have a new suit of clothes, cap. the first since last 1st July. You can bet I needed them Well this is all for this time

From Earl

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