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I guess they will send as many more this week. I don't know if I passed or not and don't care much either. Our company are taking musketry now I missed Saturday [?] so I will be a little behind I guess but will soon catch up. Bombing is very interesting work maby they will send the ones that pass to the Divisional School I don'r intend to go unless they make me go. We will likely go to the ranges this week or next at least I hope they will before it gets too cold. I sent Lloyd a card to-day so I don't know which will get there first. Jim Howe, Earl Gardiner were over to day I also seen Roy Stanlake to-day so you we see meet old friends up here once in a while. I saw a mock funeral to day up to the 201 Batt they are being split up to morrow their Col. lost his job as they have less than 600 men. They dug a grave and buried a dummy representing their Col they hated him he was a whiskey soak so on top of the grave they put a cross. A whiskey bottle, cig or some branches for flowers. Some reporters took a picture of it so likley it will be in the papers. The 142 Col also got into trouble he

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Original Scans