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Date: November 18th 1916

C. Co. 161 Batt.
Sat Nov 18 1916
Dibgate Camp.
Shornecliffe Kent England.

Mr. Lloyd Johns
Elimville Ont

Dear Brother. Well Lloyd as I am in a dry place I thought I would write you a few lines to let you know I am alive and kicking I wrote Mother but do not know if she got it so I will write again to make sure It is quite a job to find a place to write as the YMCA hut is nearly always full. It is a dirty day to-day it is a half holiday for us so Ed Kellet and I came down to Sandgate and went into the YMCA Building we played 3 games of chequers I beat him every time then went back a piece to see a moving picture show. he then went to dry his feet and I came upstairs to write this letter. We are still under canvass and our feet and fingers stay pretty cold as the weather is very severe the ground had some snow on it this morning it has been frozen for two days now. We get our pass This week I think. I'am going with Jackson I guess. they took our names and the places we wan't to go yesterday. There is a lot of towns near us just little places we have to walk to them all so we don't go far there are some busses but they are nearly always crowded so It's best to walk. This is the third time I have been up here I left my watch here the first time to get the big hand tightened I don't know if it is fixed yet or not I am going to see when I finished this letter. It would make you laugh to see some of the country roads they ramble all over the country they follow all the valleys. Our grub is not up to much here we have to buy a lot we have no stoves to warm or dry us I think we will move into huts soon There is 10,000 men under canvass here yet they were supposed to be out of it by the First of Nov. The roads are very good nearly all are crushed stone and tar like some of Camp Borden's There are a lot of sheep around here It looks like good pasture land It will soon work around Christmas time will try and send a few things if we get our leave soon it is hard to get anything and take it up to the camp it is so dirty there Well I guess this is all for now. Will write to Addie soon

From Earl.

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