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Date: November 22nd 1916

Bolton Manor Farm
Wed. Nov. 22/16

Mrs H Johns

Elimville Ont

Dear Mother:- Well Mother you will see by this adress that we are sure going some. We are at Jackson's Uncle Tom's place. It sure is some farm about 600 acres to be correct They have 200 cattle all cows they are milking 90 at present they also have 700 sheep on this place. It is queer looking country no fences all thorn hedges we took a walk over it yesterday afternoon. There are two houses they live in one and a hired man live in another they are about a mile apart. At the far farm there is an old castle it is all in pieces but it must be very old the walls are all brown stone about 6 feet thick. We landed in Barrow-in-Furness on Monday morning and started out to find Jackson's aunt we found the house but they were not up as it was early for the town people it was awaut 7 A.M. we went to the Waverley Hotel and had breakfast It cost us 2 shillings that is 50 cents but it was good and lots of it. We then sent Jackson out scouting and told him to come back and report so he went on his way. Ed Kellet and I then stayed around the hotel teasing one of the women that was dusting the room she said she was married and she certainly talked like it. We then went across the street and bought some smokes they had not seen many Canadian's up here so were very anxous to please us they must light our cigeretts and etc. I bought some post cards. I sent Edith one. Jackson then came back. and said that he had found her. Her name was Mrs Hodgson I think that is how you spell it. She is just like Mrs Woods in words and actions we stayed there 1 day and one night we then took the train and came up to Tom Jacksons. I must tell you something of Barrow. It is a very large town maby it is a city. There is a big firm of ship-builders and shellworks there. it is called Vickers they employ 20,000 hands it covers acres of land we saw them building 3 submarines from a distence they were laying in the river fixing the inside of them. they also build big dreadnaughts there and shells. They don't let any body go through the works as there is armed guards all through the place. They have to pay 1 cent to cross some bridges that is the way they pay for new bridges the ones that use them pay for them. She took us all over the city. We are going to Ulverston this afternoon and take the fast mail train to London to-night if all goes well. I would like to spend a day and a night in London It was dark when we came through so we did not see much. It would be easy to get lost there there is no lights anywhere. We came from Victoria St. to Euston St. by underground railroad. We layed around a Y.M.C.A. and the Station for about 4 hours before we could catch a train to Barrow. When we go back we will live in Huts some are up in them now. Will Veal and the Cornish boys. and Batten did not get their pass this time they will go when we get back. I expect I will see a lot of the world at least you people will think so I certainly enjoy the trip as it is up nearly to the top of England it is above Liverpool it will be marked on the map I think. Kellet got a pass to Ulverston but some body else got his ticket so he had to take what he could catch it was one to Scotland. We got our tickets free this time so the farther we could go the better only we had too short a time to go far. I'll bet we'll catch fits when we go back. We'll have English Serg over us. Well I guess I'll close now. We are having some fun with the hired girl that is Jackson is trying to. Well

By-By From Earl.

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Pte Earl Johns no. 654744
C. Co. 161 Batt.
Lower Dibgate Camp
Shornecliffe Kent Eng
c/o Army Post Office

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