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Date: October 13th 1917
Mr & Mrs. Johns
Thomas & Edith Steadman

Courtwright. Ont

Oct 13-17-

Dear Mr & Mrs. Johns:-

Just a few lines to let you know we are thinking of you these days.

We were indeed grieved to see in the casualty list the name of your boy A.E but could not be sure if it meant Lloyd or Earl- Our hearts are aching for you in your loss & one remember you continually in prayer & we do hope & trust your faith may not waver nor your trust become weak. " Yea tho He slay me yet will I put my trust in Him"

We had hoped to see you all this fall but each week would bring something to prevent I can see you all so plainly my class of boys give my love to George. we will never forget you all up there

We had a card from Jackson Woods a field card dated Sept 23 saying he was well and would you ask the Wood's to send us his address at once as we would like to write him.

How are Nelson and Addie? hope they are well. Our children are growing & well. The baby is three past & is a big healthy boy.

Now Mrs Johns I must close again assuring you & Mr Johns & your family of our tenderest sympathy in the loss of your dear boy & yet we are so proud of him & the many others who have given their lives for the cause of righteousness .

Greater love hath no man than this

Sincerely Yours

Thomas & Edith Steadman

Box 125

Original Scans

Original Scans