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Date: October 22nd 1916

Camp Borden

Oct 22/16

Dear Mother:- I have got both boxes of grub allright in good shape We just finished eating the first one just now. We had church parade this morning the 142 Batt came in our brigade yesterday (The eight) So Will Smith is in our brigade now. The whole 4 Batt in Our Brigade are supposed to go overseas. I think we will leave here this week the latter end sometime. We get paid at 9 AM to-morrow morning after that we get inoculated I missed it last Thursday But I'll get it tomorrow but I do not care Ill pull through We were duty Batt for the whole Camp Friday. I was on guard at the pump house it pumps the water to the towers and also supplies the electric lights we had a tent to sleep in but it was so rotten with a bad smell that we could not stay in it so we had to build a shack out of boards we stayed in it untill 12 o'clock at night then we nearly froze as we had no stove or blankets. We did have a fire outside we pinched some Soft Coal and got it started to burn and then put it in a old tin pail so it gave us a little heat. After it got too cold to stay there we found the key to the power house and went in there for the rest of the night I stayed out for 11/2 hours and layed by the fire. Jackson and I got our letters from you. I'll answer Addies either to-day or soon You may write another that will get here before we leave or if it don't why it will follow us. where ever we go. I'll write our address as soon as I find out where we land. The camp is beginning to look deserted as Batt go out pretty nearly every day We have to work all day Saturdays now so we do not have much time to lay around As its dark as soon as we get our supper, Well By By From Earl

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Original Scans