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Date: October 24th 1917

117 Station St
Belleville Oct 24/17

Dear Ida,

I felt so sorry for you when I read your letter, it is such a great burden to bear, we cant help but wonder, why such sorrow should be ours, I think what makes it so much harder, is because the last look you have of them, they are in such perfect health, that it is hard to believe that you will never see them again, but we will all hope to meet in a better world.

I havent got any letter from my boy yet, since he landed, of course I can hardly expect one before next week, but I am always looking for one, he spoiled me while he was at camp, for he wrote me one every day, & now it seems terrible, to be weeks without any, but I know he will write the first chance he gets.

For the last two months I have had it alfally hard, for Laura has been sick nearly all the time, so I have had her to wait on, the store to look after & house work to do, she had rheumatism first & now it is her nerves, some days she feels fine & the next day she will be right down again, today she is feeling real good even though it is a dark rainy day, Mother is here with us I sent for her last saturday, for she can look after the meals a little & wash the dishes, & all those things count when one has so many steps to take, she has written you a letter which I am enclosing, also Earls, poor boy, perhaps it was the last letter he wrote, he hadent got the letter telling about Laura being married, she has written several since, so I suppose she will get them all back someday.

I am sure you must miss Uncle John after waiting on him so long. Alden said you & your husband was kindness itself, & he could never thank you enough, for all you done for him, I am so glad he was with you, for he wouldent have been happy with Willie's wife.

Now Ida write whenever you get a chance, for you seem like a sister to me, & I love to get your letters.

Remember me to all the others,
loads of love & sympathy to yourself,
Your loving cousin

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