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Date: September 3rd 1916

Camp Borden

Sunday Sept. 3rd

Mr. George Johns.

Dear Brother:- Well Goerge I hope this finds you well It leaves me well at any rate I hear that the threshing is all done I am glad it is before the wet cold weather comes. I suppose the granary held all the grain this year. I'll be in Exeter on Thursday night I hope that is If I can make it Our Brigade was out all Friday afternoon, night and all day Saturday on a sham battle It was great fun sleeping out in the rain. It rained heavy for two hours But I did not get wet. I got under my oil cloth all but my feet they got damp. but about 2 A.M. we built a big fire and dried out our stuff our side won I'm proud to say We were the White army 161, 149. the enemy was the red army 110, 168 We out pointed them so they say I was supposed to be killed so I layed behind a stump for 3 hours and slept (my but its a fierce war boy) We were about 6 or 7 miles from home where we slept so we could not go home when it rained we had a small supper at night. eat it while it rained our breakfast was given to us at 10 minutes to 7. We had to be marching at 7 so it was Short to for dinner we got a sandwich of bread and butter and a piece of cheese so it was small to we were hungry at supper time. I go the moving picture show pretty near every night I wish you were as near one as I am just about as far as our house is from the barn and they are good pictures too it is going now (Sunday afternoon) I'll go to night I guess it holds 1800 people it was filled twice or more last night so you can imagin how much they make at it. Well George if I'am good and don"t lose my pass I'll be home this week. At least Col. Wigle told us this morning at Church that we were going so I guess we will get there all right. The whole Brigade goes I understand, So Good Bye For now

From Earl.

P.S. (I'll write if I don't come home if I find out in time.)

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Original Scans