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Date: September 10th 1917

Somewhere in France


Mr Ed Johns
R R No 3 Exeter
Ont Canada

Dear Cousin :- Well Ed I hope these few lines finds you alive and kicking that is if the rush of harvest hasn't knocked you out.. By all reports the harvest is rather good that is the spring grain. Well it wants to be plentifull as its all neaded to whip the Hun. I have got into a different section now. (behold a bold bad sniper)("ha ha") A few of us are attached to the Scout section as snipers and are now in Head Quarters Coy. address my mail to (Scouts 58 Battn instead of A. Coy. I like it fine so far as we do not have many working parties at night or post duties at night We get up before daylight and find some place from where we can observe his front line then find a hiding place where you think he can't see you then wait for some foolish person who scorns to creep through a low piece of trench then its our duty to show him his mistake. sometimes when he spots the place we are shooting from he turns a trench morter battery on it then we see our mistake and move to a healthier climate( a hole in the side of the trench) Its very different to what our old Sunday system was. (ha ha) They were the good old days when we could take my old rifle to pieces and put one part down each pant leg and walk past the preachers house if need be to get to our hunting grounds. Have you drove your car up any trees yet like Doc. Sweet did? or has it better manners than his. Its an age since I last had a ride in a motor car. I have had a few rides in the W.D.(War Department)trucks but its much like riding on a traction engine only faster. Well I guess its time to bring this to a close don't forget to write and let me know all news which only you can tell

Good Bye. From Earl.

P.S.(The Rat Hole (Elimville)boys are all well)

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