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Date: September 17th 1916

Camp Borden

Sept 17 1916

Mrs H. Johns


Dear Mother :- Well Mother I received your letter last night and was glad to hear from you. You mentioned that you saw that we were to have our Medical Exam's this week. Well we had it Sat. forenoon. It only lasted a few seconds so they soon went through us They did not turn many down in our Batt some say 14 and others say about 30. I do not know. One of them is from our tent his name is Will Smith with a groth on the bottom of his spine He says he does not like to leave us. Some would be glad to go but they did not get the chance. Well we had a spell in the trenches. We went in on Wed. morning at nine A.M. We had a turn in all 3 trenches 6 hours in each and 6 hours sleep behind the lines. We were in the fire trench frome 9 o'clock untill 3 in the morning that was the time fore the excitement about 2 o'clock the boomers from our Batt went out and threw some boomers at the enemy (176 Batt) then they attacted us we were given four blank cartridges apiece we had a livly time for a few minutes but it did not last long they soon run back. One of our officers took a roap out and tried to catch one of them he pretty nearly did it to but the fellow saw him and threw a boom at him and run. The Booms are just some powder packed in sand sewed up in a bit of cloth it does not hurt but makes a big noise. Tell Lloyd I saved a blank for him if I do not lose it before I get home again Our Batt was duty Batt for the whole camp on Friday I was one of Head quarters Picquets that is we were sent up near Gen Logies house and around the Hospital to keep men and dogs from wandering in the wrong way. It was a cold job in the middle of the night I was on from half past three untill half past five. I got a letter from Laura James when I got back. She said that they would like to have me come down for a weekend if I could I would like to if I thought that we were to stay in this country all winter but If not why I would rather come home as often as I could I suppose time will tell. We do not know at any rate We had an Inspection this morning after church and one to morrow by Lt. Col. Campbell of the 149 Batt to see how good we are the Col says its to see if we are fit to go overseas this fall. They certainly have kept us on the go since we came back any way. Ken Cornish is a Lance Corp. now his chest sticks now he has only one stripe I would not want his job anyway there is no more pay in it. Well I guess thats all the news for now.

From Earl.

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