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Date: June 21st 1900

Reached Pietermartzburg at 4 A.M. A lot of the boys pretty drunk .Staid in our car till 6 A.M. Had tea bread & bully beef for breakfast. Marched out to Cavalry Camp about 1 1/2 miles out. P'maritzburg is set in a hollow with hills all around. From the camp here on the side of the hill it looks like Minnidosa only the hills are higher. Hills covered with grass and trees in ravines and valleys. Very beautiful scenery here. Lots of rain in the summer, but not much now. About the beginning of winter. We can see the smoke of the train away up the hills back of us. Cap't Adamson sticks up for his men in good shape. Was telling some of the boys that the people here had a very exaggerated account of our capabilities as horsemen and he didn't try to undeceive them so we were to do the best we can. Said they object to our saddles because they were too heavy but he said they were good enough for us. Other Strathconas at New Castle. Fine Botannical Gardens within 1/2 mile of camp. Nearly all kinds of plants and trees. Saw oranges growing on trees. Grub very good. Fine white bread, meat, potatoes & jam.