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Date: December 11th 1917
Walter Fereday

United Board Recreation Hut

Tuesday Eve. December 11, 1917

My dear little Mig¹ the Nig not the Pig,

You have really been quite an excellent correspondent and I must compliment you and thank you for your splendid letters which I receive with great joy. First I will reply to your letter of 5th inst. You say that if I was as comfortable as you in bed then I should not have cause to complain. I agree with that statement, most heartily. I am sure it was very kind of you to give up the 2/- towards my lovely parcel from Grandma; I can tell you it was appreciated.

My beastly old foot is not better yet; I am hoping for the best.

You are quite a "knut" at poetry - I really think I will have to submit your name to Lloyd George for the position of Poet Laureate.

In your second letter dated 8th inst. You are writing from the Wild Beast House. Humble apologies for the grammatical error. I was glad to hear that you were virtually top in your class at school last month. What confirmed the decision that you are going to Cowper St. after all?

I am looking forward to your letter about the Rev. Martin; I expect it will arrive tomorrow morning.

In Cyril's letter I promised to tell you about my experiences at the baths down here - well, here goes:- It was last Thursday Eve at 5.00pm that I sallied forth armed with soap, towel and clean under clothes, to the baths here. Of course I expected to see more or less ordinary baths, but I was disappointed. The bath consists of a large cement sink about 2' square and 9" deep fitted with hot and cold water. There are five of these in four rows each separated from the other by a plaster partition. I was unfortunate as the water which ought to have been hot was only just tepid and I was undressed before I discovered the fact. The draught was awful and after a quick rub down I got out; the floor was as cold as ice 0 oh! I did feel horrid. Wouldn't I give anything to have a good old "tub" at home.

The weather today has been fine, but bitterly cold and drilling on the downs is not so pleasant. My word! What an appetite I have got I could eat and eat for ever and then feel hungry, I believe.

Do I understand from your remark that Uncle Geo is really going to be discharged? If so why? I hope he does; won't he be glad to get home?

I am just writing Ma a short note and then I am going to bed, so good night (and don't forget to say your prayers)

With love and kisses from your big brother

Bert 11-12-17

¹ Walter, his younger brother, aged 11