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Date: December 12th 1917

12 December, 1917

Wednesday morning

In Quartermaster's Stores

My dear Mater,

Just a short line to thank you ever so much for your nice letter written last Sunday evening. I often look at my watch and wonder what you are doing at the time and I sometimes picture you all at your customary places; won't it be fine when I come back to fill my place!

Last night at the United Board Recreation Hut we had a service at 7.15 pm which I enjoyed very much. I spoke to our Padre after the service; he is very nice man and a Congregationalist, by the way; his name is Rev. A.W. Banton C.F. He invited me to his house to tea next Saturday at Winchester so I am in luck's way.

This morning my heel, not being any better, I went sick again and have been put on Light Duty in this hole (addressed as above) I had to do some washing up and sweeping & now that I have been left quite alone I am finishing this letter to you.

Our Colonel has gone to the War Office this morning about our anticipated shift. Of course, despite his announcement last Monday, rumours are flying about that we may to go Chiseldon, Wilts or Rippon, Yorks and that we may not move until after Xmas. In any case nothing is certain yet, so I am not building any hopes on anything. I may get home for Xmas, but the chances are rather remote, I am thinking.

Our Company Sergeant Major advised us to get some extra pairs of socks as we shall be doing some long marches soon. Perhaps you will send me on a pair or two. I am looking forward to the Ginger Nuts!

I had a letter from Uncle Bert this morning, and quite a budget of letters yesterday.

I don't think there is anything else to say except that I am feeling quite well, as I hope you all are. Don't let Dad work too hard.

Will you get one of the boys to take the enclosed letter to Dossey as soon as possible - he lives in Legard Rd but I don't know the number.

Now I must say goodbye.

With love and xxx

from your affectionate son,