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Date: June 18th 1916
Master G. Johns

Hillcrest Camp
London June 18th/16

Master .G. Johns
Elimville. Ont.

Dear Brother:- Well George how are you all getting along up there. I got your letter yesterday about 4 o'clock it was the first litter for 4 days you can bet I was getting pretty wild when the other fellows in the tent get one and you do'nt. It seems pretty hard to sit back and chew your finger nails and look on. I suppose you try your Entrance Exams this week. Well here is luck to you I hope you pass and have some to spare I suppose there is not much sport at Elimville this summer as yet baseball, football and such like. Tell Lloyd I have a Mexican half dollar for him I'll bring it up when I come home. I got my photos taken last week they are not finished yet. I can get them on Tuesday I guess I'll wait and bring them home when I come. Tell Lloyd I went up town to get the Fountain pen fixed last night. It uses too much ink the first man I went to said he thought it was no good but mabe he could try he said it would cost me 35 cents so I went to a drug store he said it was not worth fixing he tried to sell me one I left there and went to a hardware store where I got my razor strap and borrowed a little file just like my finger file and fixed it my self It writes great. I saw Ed and Charlie on Friday night We had midnight passes that night so we were just started to play a game of pool when I looked up and saw them grinning at us. Ed said I looked scared. I certainly did not expect to see him there we walked around for about an hour it was as good as a litter from home tell mother not to put any water on next Saturday night as I dont expect to come home then not except some thing turns up. There is only about half of our here to day 25% of them got passes the other 25% took French leave and beat it without them. It will be a busy day tomorrow for the officers bring them to time. It will mean that we will have a better chance when we do try for one. They have started to put up our mess tents the ones we eat under ours is not up yet. They say that Springbank and Port Stanley are out of bounds for us after tommorow night it seems kind of mean if they do. Tell Edith that I have been looking up the jewelry stores and have been trying on the 10 and 15 dollar rings but I could not fit her I'll try before first to find one. Well I must close now, Write Soon.

From Earl.

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