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Date: May 28th 1918

Tuesday Eve 28/5/18 A town in France

My dear dad,

Another day is nearly over and I have had a jolly good time as you will see. Breakfast was a bit of a wash out as the bread ration had not arrived in time so I had to manage with half a hard biscuit [?] As there was nothing better Stuart and I washed in our mess tins; the operation proved much more [?] than might have been imagined, for we managed to become fairly clean. But a great threat in the way of a [?] was in store for us. At 10o/c the order came down "Fall in for bathing" and we were accordingly lined up [?] and marched a distance of about 5 kilos to a large river. The road, after leaving the trees [?] this town behind, lay over fields where the old French people were busy cultivating. In front one could see the [?] valley with rising ground on either side of a wide flat [?] through which the river wound its way along [?] vicinity of the beach is well wooded [?] the river has spread to snake back [?] It was in one of the pools that we were taken for our swim. The pool is moderately larger than the Finsbury park lake [?] idea and I can say [?] could argue which is the better. This is a [?] place for troops and a better spot could not be found. The water was warm and clean so that I enjoyed swimming [?] which conclusion you might have arrived at when I tell you that I stayed in for half an hour. After the swim I went into small town of which the postcard [?] gave a splendid panoramic view and had a cafe [?] The third postcard gives a view of the main street, the town hall - on the right - the house where I bought these postcards - marked with the X.

On the way back - we didn't start until half past one on the return journey - we moved up the [?] by the side of the church shown in the fourth post card and so back to our billet, very pleased with our adventure. The scenery in this part of the [?] and we imagined [?] time, that we were enjoying a holiday on the Norfolk Broads, except for the dull [?] of the war in the far distance and [?] very slight humming like a bee in the [?] The weather has been beautiful today, bright sunshine and a cool breeze blowing. There is no doubt about the fact that I have come out here in the very best time of the year and fortunately I am in a place where I can enjoy it to the full.

When I got back I had dinner which was welcome, and [?] which wasn't welcome. I had to help draw water from the [?] which was about an hour [?] As I was coming back [?] I saw one of our chaps with the post and he called out "Fereday, there is a parcel for you". I dropped the [?] and found the long lost parcel had actually arrived. I was delighted and [?] found everything "posh" except two of the apples which had [?] waiting to be eaten and showed that nasty [?] With that parcel was mother's note and Cyril's [?] French and partly in English: thank them very much indeed for the letters. It is now nearly bed time so I must bring this letter to a close. The sunset is glorious this evening. I expect we shall have a fine day tomorrow. I hope we [?] for a day or two. In order to reassure you I hope I shall be [?] not going up the line. I will write each day if possible. I have not had a chance to get any pc's of this town [?] Squib's list has been quite useful.

With fondest love, your affectionate son,