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Date: June 20th 1918

Thursday 20th June, 1918 A wood behind the line

47 Somewhere in France

My dear dad,

You will be relieved to hear that I am now out of the line and am in camp not very far from the place where the Wing was encamped when I left it to go up the line.

On Tuesday, from "Stand down" at 4am until stand to at 9.30pm I was off duty after my long sentry go. I had a very comfortable bivosac and slept most of the time with another chap in it. I could very well do with a rest and sleep as sleep is what I miss most in the trenches. During the last few days in the line the food greatly improved in quantity; at first there was insufficient for some reason or another. I was relieved at 1am on Wednesday morning and was well clear of the line by 4 o'clock.

As I look back upon the week's experiences in the line I feel that I have been into another world for a short time and now have come back to civilisation. Fortunately the sector of the line in which I was was quiet so that I did not have such a bad time. All the same for that I have a lot to be thankful for, for coming out safe. Among other things it has increased my faith in the efficacy of prayer. I know it is in answer to many prayers that I have come through safely. Of course I don't say I like trench life but the experience has done me no harm and now I can appreciate a rest like this behind the line. I have every reason to believe that we are out for a fortnight at least.

I was very pleased to get your letter of the 13th inst yesterday. Your surmise, as you now know, was quite correct. At present I am not on the list of names but perhaps this can be rectified later. I had a letter from Auntie Mirrie and Dorothy the other day; I must write them later.

I hope you are keeping well and that business is going smoothly and with a minimum of worry.

I am writing to mother in another letter. I wish I could spend an hour or two with you, but then I have been with you while writing this letter.

Au revoir,

Your affectionate son