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Date: June 22nd 1918

Behind the lines

Saturday eve. 22 June, 1918

No 50

My dear dad,

I have had such a "bon" post again today! A letter from home, one from Uncle John, the Observer and the periodicals. The Sunday paper is very welcome as it gives all the previous week's news and I scarcely ever see a newspaper here so don't know how things are going on. The periodicals are very interesting and when I am on the move they are not heavy to carry.

I slept well last night - the first real good comfortable night that I have had for nearly two weeks; it is posh sleeping in straw again. Reveille was at 8 this morning and breakfast at 9 after which I spent a little time cleaning my equipment. At 10 o/c I got pinched for a fatigue and spent the remainder of the morning cleaning the field cooker ready for a post inspection.

These traveling cookers are very ingenious affairs; the [?] fit in walls and the heat of the fire circulate all round them.

After dinner Stuart, Reid and I went to another small village nearby (I will send you a post card of it tomorrow) and explored a bit. It is slightly larger than this place but resembles it in every other feature. The old church was open and we were able to have a look around. Like all other churches out here it was elaborately furnished for such a small church. There were three altars in various places and pictures between the coloured glass windows. The pews were of the old fashioned family style.

We had a "bon" tea at a small farmhouse; eggs, chips, bread and butter and coffee. The remainder of the day we spent resting in a hay field, writing and reading.

Give my love to mother and the boys.

With best wishes,

from your affectionate son