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Date: June 25th 1918

BEF, France

Tuesday 25th June, 1918


My dear dad,

Two days ago I applied to the CO for permission to apply for a commission in the RAF. I have received the enclosed form in reply which I am sending back to you for further completion. [?] if I [?] the stiff medical for RAF I still have the alternative of a commission in the Artillery or Infantry - preferably and probably the former. Turning to the form for a moment:- question 10 is [?] Will you let me know what it is best to insert here?

I am writing Mr [?] for permission to make this application. This form has to be signed by you on page two as I am under 21 years of age. Then comes the question of [?] standards and [?] Mr. Braginton's signature must be obtained to part (iii), page 2; perhaps it would be best to call at St. George's [?] with the paper. He is usually there between five and six o/c on Wednesdays or at [?] any other day.

Then as to character - if you can get a signature from the [?] (in the place marked with an X) from [?] well and good. Personally I think it would be best if you could get Mr [?] signature as to character for the past four years it would be good. Enough [?] AEB for the same thing. If you carefully [?] see what is required.

I am afraid that this is going to give a rather a lot of trouble but it would be quite impossible for me to get the form filled out otherwise.

Of course the mere fact that I have this form to fill out [?].

If you managed to get this signature from [?] it would also be necessary to [?] the 2nd certificate.

[?] verify [?] I would like the form back as early as possible and it had better be by registered post.

Now I think this is all at present.


Your ever loving son,


PS. Please send the original [?]