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Date: June 26th 1918
Dinkey (Albert)

Letter No 54 The billet

Wednesday 26th June ‘18

My dear mother,

I have been very busy these last three days and my evenings have been so well occupied that I have had very little time for letter writing and what little I do has to be done at odd times.

On Monday work started in earnest. Reveille was at 6.30am and parade at 8 o/clock. From then until dinner time at 1pm I was on battalion parade and drilling and L.G. instruction. They are treating this regiment as a Guards unit and you never saw such a posh affair as our turn out every morning. In the afternoon we have compulsory football. Teams of six are picked from the whole company and these play one another, the winning teams then playing each other until the best team is left. Then there are to be inter-company matches and prizes for the winners. In the evening there is shooting on a rifle range for those who care to go. As for Stuart and myself we take our writing materials and adjourn to a hay field where we do all our letter writing.

I received your letter card dated 20th on Monday and was ever so pleased to get it. I wish I could feel with the lucky "boys" in hospital of whom Auntie Winnie speaks that the war will be over in six weeks; but it is a long way to the Rhine. Auntie Amy's fine parcel came by the same post. It contained "umpteen" little cakes, tarts and some chocolates. I am writing now to thank her ever so much for it. I have managed all along to keep fairly free from vermin but I should like the chance of a good bath or swim; probably I shall have one soon.

Tuesday passed just the same as the day before - posh parades, football. The weather has been a bit dull, but the rain has kept off very well. I had a letter from Mr. Curt and Uncle Walter yesterday; the latter enclosed an ingenious pencil holder.

Dada's letter of 21st (written at the office) has just arrived; thank him ever so much for it. I can not help smiling at the extract.

Would you believe it? We have lunch, consisting of hot soup and bread every morning at 11 o'clock; brought out onto the parade ground. What ever is coming to the British Army?

I have not had much time to look at the country round about here, but hope to have the opportunity over the coming weekends.

I do hope that you are keeping well and happy. Give my love to dad, the boys, Grandma and Cooky.

I am keeping very well and growing quite hefty. The news from Italy is very encouraging; I have written to Uncle George congratulating him on his latest push.

Now I must hurry - I have some equipment to clean and another letter to write. Cheerioh!

With oceans of love and xxxxxx



PS. I have received the British Weekly - very interesting.