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Date: July 5th 1916
Miss Philbrick
Sidney Bainbridge

Pte. S. Bainbridge 487386
No. 15 Platoon
Somewhere in France
5th July 1916

Dear Miss Phibrick,

I've just received copies of pictures of our "A.C" boys taken in Montreal, and though I'm waiting for a letter from you, I am enclosing P.C. which I think I promised you before leaving the largest city in Canada. I guess you know several of the boys, but I've given you names on the back of card. How d'you like it?

You will see by the address that I am now "at the front". We have been out here a month, and last week we had our initiation into "life in the trenches", and believe me it was worse than any college initiation.

I've often heard the proverbial saying "War is Hell" but I never realized the truth of it until last week. But the chorus of our favourite song encompasses my feelings fine -

"Far from home - I want to be
Where German snipers won't pot at me
Think of me crouching where worms do creep
Waiting for a whizz bang to put me to sleep
(Tune - "Sing me to sleep")

We are now resting under canvas, but suspect to have a little more of "hell" very soon. I'm still waiting for your picture which I hope to receive soon and will then write you fully.

Meantime, I suspect you will be on holidays and I trust you have a "whale of a time".

Kindest Regards
Yours sincerely
Sid Bainbridge

Pte. S. Bainbridge
No. 15 Platoon
No. 4 Coy.

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