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Date: July 7th 1918

B.E.F France
Sunday Eve. 7 July, 1918

My dear dad,

I was sorry to hear of your indisposition but trust that under the influence of the fresh air at Westcliff-on-Mud you are making rapid recovery and at the same time enjoying a short but well deserved rest.

Your letter, dated the 2nd inst, written from the office and advising me of the dispatch of the papers has arrived but as for the reg'd letter referred to, it has not turned up. The letter containing 20frs posted by Auntie Cookey on the same day has arrived so that there seems to be no reason why the other should not have done so. However I expect that it will come tomorrow. Everything depends upon the recommendation Co. Segrave DSO give me and the testimonials - I notice you have sent all four - should tell in my favour. I also had a very interesting letter from Stan; he is a good correspondent. Also a letter from Mirrie - she regularly writes me a long epistle.

I have had a particularly happy day today mainly because I have been able to attend services this morning, afternoon and evening just like old times. Reveille was at 8am this morning and breakfast at 9; by way of a "special" for Sunday I treated myself to two fried eggs to have with my bacon. Bon. Eh? As Church Parade was not until 11.30 I had plenty of time to have a good wash and brush up generally. I am getting expert at shaving with the ordinary razor altho' before I reached the present state of perfection I have cut many sorry figures trying to shave the left cheek and chin with right hand. The service was held in the same place as last Sunday under the trees just outside this village. The padre was in good form and gave an excellent address on prayer 1Thess. Ch 5 and incidentally embodied the essence of what is contained in the chapter "Practical Prayer" in A.C. Benson's book "World Builders All". Have you read this little book; it will be well worth your while to do so - let me know what you think of it. At 12 noon I wondered what you were both doing and guessed that you were thinking about me. After the morning service I attended communion, the first service of its kind I had been able to attend out here. Needless to say I have found it very comforting and elevating above all that is so mediocre and degrading. The N.C. Padre of the Brigade has had a lot of time to devote to us today and he arranged a bible class in the afternoon where the subject of the morning's address was discussed. It was helpful to hear the views of other chaps on "prayer" and how they found it the mainstay of their lives lived in the Christ like way.

As I was leaving the schoolroom I stopped and asked the Padre if he knew H.E.B and he did, being a "New" graduate himself. He then asked me to stay behind, with Stuart, and he talked to us for an hour on many interesting things connected with the life out here. He has been a C.F. for 3 years and is well qualified to talk on the subject. He had already heard of Dr. C. Morgan's acceptance of the pastorate at H.Q.

After tea I added another quote to the unfinished letter I have in hand for Mr. Waller until 6.30pm when the Evensong was to be held in the schoolroom. The address was on Cheerfulness - "Be of good cheer" for I have conquered the world and he pointed out the necessity of making the very best of everything out here; our cheerfulness being based on the knowledge that the Divine purpose was being worked to the best advantage in each of our lives. He pointed out that we should pray for His will to be done and not our's, because He worked this all for the benefit of all and it was very often difficult to reconcile His will with what we wanted individually. After the service he asked us to wait behind and then went for a stroll until 8pm when he was to dine with O.C. A. Coy.

(Monday) Thus ended a very pleasant day. I slept in the billet last night as Stuart was on [?] guard. At Roll Call 9pm the Quartermaster gave me a reg'd letter that had arrived later. This, as I guessed, contained the Comm. papers and testimonials which are intact. Thank you ever so much for getting them back to me as quickly. Give my fondest love to mother

With all good wishes from your affectionate son