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Date: December 14th 1917
R.G. Brown

From: France
14 Dec. 1917

Dearest Mother -

I sent you a field card about a week ago and a little Xmas card yesterday but must write tonight. There is a YMCA not far from the guns here where they have cards and little souvenirs for Xmas besides the regular stock. I got a few of the cards and sent them away yesterday. I had your letter of Nov. 4 a few days ago and was, as usual, so glad to get it. It came with quite a large Canadian mail and with your letter I got three others. One from Rev. W. Purvis told of a parcel and his desire to have written before. The parcel - a nice large cake of maple sugar came the next night. There was also a letter from Gladys and one from Josephine.

It makes me feel so bad to think that you are having such a time getting the potatoes in. You have too much to do altogether. I hope they are all well in now and that there is a nice lot of them.

I have had a real easy and quiet time of it now for the last couple of weeks. Quite a change and rest after rather strenuous times before that. We are quite comfortable with fire, table, chairs, etc. and good sleeping quarters.

I had my vote in the Federal elections some time ago but polls are not closed till Dec. 17. Feeling here seems to be very onesided - all for conscription. I suppose you will have a vote and maybe Gladys? And of course I know and realize so well how busy you are. I don't mind a bit if I don't get many parcels. Maybe I gave a wrong impression. It is only a comparative few that get very many parcels - in every mail for instance - some I suppose perhaps never get any and many very rarely. In any case, we seem to have such poor luck with parcels that I would feel more like discouraging you from sending them otherwise.

I think I remember that Workman - the Queen's student you mention. He was a large sort of fellow, was he not? - sort of sandy coloured hair if I remember right and not overly brilliant. I am feeling real well and am in a good place for the present.

Love to Arthur, to Harold, Cecil & yourself.
Yours affectionately,
R.G. Brown

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