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Date: February 9th 1918
R.G. Brown

From: France
Sat., 9 Feb. 1918

Dearest Mother -

I have received no letter since I wrote a week ago but then could hardly expect another yet, tho I think there will be another Canadian mail soon. I hope you have ere this received safely all the letters and cards I sent from Paris. That trip to Paris is something I have to look back to now and go over again in my thoughts. That was probably the last as well as the first time that I shall ever see Paris as, should I be fortunate enough to get another leave, I think I should go either to Ireland & Scotland or to Rome. There is a Rome leave list now and that rather appeals to me.

The weather keeps about the same day after day - clear, not very cold and rather muddy. I am feeling real well these days and the time is passing quickly. It does not seem nearly a year since I landed in France but such it is.

Gladys is at home now is she? I should imagine that maybe she will be wishing she had kept her school at Pooles Resort, even if she was lonesome, as she will find the days rather long alone with Uncle Jim. I believe she said she was sending some snapshots she had taken at her school. I hope I get them alright soon, as I would like nothing better than s few good pictures. All I have of her is that very miniature one she sent from Ottawa. How as Harold, Cecil and Arthur coming along. All well I hope. And mother dear, do take care of yourself and don't work and worry any more than you can possibly help. I hope you are well and not having too severe a winter. Love to all.

Yours affectionately,
R.G. Brown

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