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Date: February 25th 1917

From: 54th Bty, 15th Bde.
Witley Camp, Godalming
Surrey, England
25 Feb. 1917

Dearest Mother -

This is Sunday afternoon. I might have written you yesterday or even Friday, I suppose but I was waiting for Canadian mail and your letter. A week ago, it came on Friday but I have received no mail this week as yet. There has been some Canadian mail tho as some of the batteries have received big mails.

However, last week, I received some of the papers you sent. On Tues. there were four papers - "Presbyterians" for December. As the four were loose when I got them, I was not sure whether I had received them all or not, but I know I must have as the whole of one month is there. Then on Thurs., I received two more parcels - the four papers for Sept. and the five for Nov. I see the story starts in September's papers, so if I get October's bundle, I shall have quite a bit of it. I haven't much of a chance to read much in them yet but am keeping them to do so. I shall like to have the whole story since you have sent so much of it.

You remember I told you I was in "E" sub of 54th. I had been there for over three weeks and was just beginning to get settled and at home again when I was moved from "E" sub to "C" sub, so yesterday, I had to change huts again and shall have to get to know a new bunch of fellows again. There were three from 50th in "E" sub before. One of them stays there and Bill, with whom I slept and chummed quite a bit, was moved to "B" sub. Macdonald of the old 50th was moved over a week ago from "F" sub to "C" sub so he is in same sub I am in, but I didn't know him so well as lots of others. There is a fellow named Avery in the sub, but I believe he comes from Brantford and originally from Australia.

There was a big inspection here on Friday when the different batteries in this Division were inspected by a son or nephew of Sir Sam Hughes. All the guns and wagons were out with full equipment and they say it was quite a sight. I wasn't out on it. There has been no news whatever about when we shall proceed to the Front.

Oh yes, I have arranged matters so that you can withdraw the money from P.O. savings bank if I can't. It would have been rather inconvenient to have had it in form of a joint account as no money could be withdrawn by either without consent of both. They sent me a form from London for me to fill out - a Nomination which is very similar to a Will, I guess. I received it back just the other day and they wrote saying it had been registered in their books. The money goes to you if anything happens to me - is what it means.

It is rather muddy around here again and a good deal warmer. One of the fellows was saying that he heard from a letter that it was extremely cold in Ottawa and other parts on Feb. 6th, so I suppose you have had a cold snap. How are all the folks at home? Hope you are all well. Best of love to you and Arthur.

Yours affectionately,

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