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Date: January 8th 1918
R.G. Brown

From: France
8 Jan. 1918

Dearest Mother -

Did I ever mention that I had received your letter of Nov. 11. I received it before I left for Paris. Now I am back with the battery again. We are not far from where we were before. When I got back I found two letters and four parcels waiting for me. One of the letters and a parcel was from Eldred Lane of Kingston whom I met in Butternut Bay. The parcel had in it a little cake and chocolate. The other letter was from you, dated Dec. 1. It contained a little letter and an Xmas card from Arthur.

Yes, you were right in thinking Flanders in Belgium. I couldn't understand about Gladys resigning as I had not then your two letters preceding. There was a parcel from Aunt Lettie - quite a large parcel containing, among other things, a pair of sox, a sweater, and a pair of gloves. Another parcel from cousin Grace was filled with good things to eat as usual. The fourth parcel was from Josephine - a pair of sox and things to eat.

Next day, a very large mail came in. Mail had been held up by Halifax disaster. I got three more Queen's Journals from Kingston. A letter from Ollie Tennant in which she enclosed three snap shots - two of the church and one of their house - a letter from Josephine and one from Aunt Lettie. There was one parcel - another from Josephine - containing a sweater she had knit so I have lots of sweaters now. Then there were three letters from you - Nov. 18, Nov. 25 and Dec. 9. so, I have received all your letters alright. Your parcel has not come yet but it probably will in a day or two. You were wondering where I was and were right again.

The weather has not been so very cold at any time and I have always been very comfortable. Blighty I believe, is an Indian or Hindu word meaning home so Imperial soldiers, speaking of England as their home call it Blighty. I got back to the battery alright and back at work now as before. It took a day or two to settle down again after such a good holiday.

I hope you get the post cards and letters alright that I sent from Paris. Hope you are all well. I am feeling fine.
Yours lovingly,
R.G. Brown

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