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Date: January 24th 1916

From: Kingston, Ont.
24 Jan. 1916

Dear Mother -

I have felt alright today, and my arm is not very sore. It is swollen a little and flushed around the shoulder.

There are about 30 or 40 fellows who will have to remain behind and as I expected, I am one of them. John Rose will also have to stay but Greig is going. I would have liked to have gone at once with this first bunch, but perhaps it is better as it is and I know you will feel much relieved to know I am not going for a while. Of course, I can get no leave of absence now so will not be coming home. The fellows left behind will form the nucleus for a new Battery with Headquarters in the same place. New men are joining all the time. It will likely be as much a Queen's Battery as the other one was as I know of some who will join and others later on perhaps. In this new battery, you see, I will be in it from the very start and may have a chance of becoming a non-commissioned officer (N.C.O.). Greig is a corporal and that is likely why he got going as he joined after Rose did. Besides, I will likely be able to continue taking classes. I am to be on Guard at Headquarters tomorrow, so won't be able to leave the Barracks all day or all night and will be so sleepy on Wed. that it will be hard to take classes.

I went to see Dean Connell again (I had my uniform on) and he tried to squirt water through it but couldn't. The water ran from it just as bad as ever so he said he would have to give it up. That was the 28th time I had been to see him. When I spoke of settling up, he said not to bother now and later I got a bill from him in the College P.O. It was addressed to George Brown and I came near not getting it. The bill comes to $15.00. It might have been worse but it seems too bad to have to pay all that when he did me no good.

I haven't received any pay yet but I am on the pay roll. I receive pay from the day I was sworn in. I will likely get some next Sat. or Mon. I received your letter all right some days ago and was very glad to hear from you.

Yours truly,

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