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Date: July 21st 1917
Mother & Gladys
R. G. Brown

From: France
Sat. 21 July 1917

Dearest Mother & Gladys -

Another week has passed and now I am up at the guns again where I find things much the same as when I left them. Last Mon. I received that letter from cousin Grace and Harold - written by them on Mar. 21, which I knew had been written but thought it must have gone astray. Harold was asking me about it in a letter he sent later. You know, he enclosed in it a good sized poem which he composed for his literature teachers. It was quite an attempt and rather successful. I wonder if Harold has got any poetic instinct. Cousin Grace wrote quite a nice letter. She really seems to think nearly as much of me as she does of Clarence and is apparently thinking of me constantly.

The day before yesterday, I received a letter from Gladys written on April 17th. In it, she told me about how she got back to Ottawa after Easter and what Harold and Cecil were doing. Also in the same mail was your letter of June 28th with Gladys's enclosure and the programme of the S.S. Convention.

The mail is coming pretty regularly both ways now, I guess, and I rather think I must have all the old letters now. So, Harold is busy, already eh? Gladys continued to tell several interesting bits of news - nothing very important, it is true, but interesting because they dealt with people & things about home. Uncle Jim's little accident with his auto, the new lawn mower, tennis, Ed & Wilbert up, news of Beatrice - all very interesting. They will all be able to beat me playing tennis now, I suppose.

I am very anxious to know the results of Gladys's and of Harold's exams. I have more doubts about Harold than about Gladys - with her, it is first a matter of how well she gets thru. Of yes, I liked Gladys's little picture very, very much as I think I stated in a previous letter. I am real well, so don't worry. Hope all at home are well and having a good summer.
Yours affectionately,
R.G. Brown

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