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Date: June 2nd 1917
R. G. Brown

From: France
Sat. 2 June 1917

Dearest Mother -

Last Sun., just after I had sent my last letter to you away, I received one from you dated Apr. 15 so that there is one and maybe two between that & Mar. 27th that I have not received it all. No Canadian mail has reached here for a long time now.

Evidently from your letter, Gladys and Harold got home for Easter all right but Cecil apparently stayed in Galt. Gladys got out to Athens - did she while she was home? I was surprised to hear that there was a Canadian stamp on that card you received as we do not now have to put any stamps on our letters. I understand the Canadian Government pays the postage on all these letters and that they are all stamped at Halifax by the Government.

I have now been up at the guns for quite a while and like it better here than back at the wagon lines. I believe we have a pretty good wagon line now - YMCA canteens around, open air platforms for concerts and baseball and football games with other batteries.

We get newspapers quite often so have an idea of what is going on in the outside world. I wonder if they are going to have a form of conscription in Canada, similar to that in England. I also saw something in one of the papers about giving us three months pay after our discharge. That would be pretty good wouldn't it?

Well, I hope you are having nice warm weather now - just think - June 2nd - it hardly seems possible. A year ago today, I was at Petawawa. I haven't heard from Witley Camp for some time, but I believe all those fellows may be there yet, or if not, have just come over very recently. I have heard nothing definite about them. And now with lots of love to you and the others, I must bring this to a close.
Yours affectionately,
R.G. Brown

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