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Date: June 17th 1916

From: Petawawa, Ont.
17 June 1916

Dear Mother -

I received the letter from you and Gladys the other day and was glad to know that you are feeling better. I suppose Harold has written his exams by this time and that Gladys will soon be home.

Mr. Macleod and I had a nice trip to Mallorytown that Sun. evening and we talked of college, the war, and soldiers, etc. We got to Mallorytown about half an hour before service time so I went to Aunt Jane's thinking I might go to church with them, if they were going but Aunt Jane wasn't going and so I stayed there till about eleven o'clock - they insisted on keeping me there that late, and I had two pieces of rhubarb pie.

You mustn't worry about my getting more colds or about it being disagreeable under canvas. You must have had much more rain than we had here because beyond the first day, we had none till the last two or three days when it has been raining most of the time. I never felt better then I do at present. We got plenty to eat now and the work is not too strenuous. The sun is awful hot here and I am tanned up as you would scarcely know me.

There has been no church service here yet. There was to have been one yesterday but it rained and we could not have it. I have not seen the chaplain yet. We don't get Sat. afternoon off here and part of Sunday is taken up with stables - grooming & feeding the horses, etc. We have about 30 horses and they have to be looked after morning, noon & night. I have only had one short ride since coming here and managed fairly well. We have to get up here at 5 o'clock in the morning and usually go to bed when it gets dark at night. We have to use candles or lanterns if we want a light.

Nearly everyone in the battery had their hair clipped off so I had mine done too. I am hoping it will do it some good as I can wash it easily now & keep dandruff out.

We have got paid a couple of times since coming here and as I have no good place to keep the cheques, I am sending them on to you. Some of the fellows who borrowed money from me in Kingston have paid me back now so I have all I need without these cheques. I got a short letter from Gladys yesterday. She had that negative developed and sent me one of the pictures. It is pretty good. I think she said she had half a doz. of them.

You spoke of a naval defeat in your letter. I think you will agree that it turned out to be a victory. Flags here have been at half mast for a week and officers have been wearing black on their sleeves for Earl Kitchener. I wonder what you think of the schism in the Presbyterian Church. There was a very small minority.

Best love to all,
Yours truly,

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