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Date: March 4th 1917

From: Witley Camp, Godalming
Surrey, England
4 Mar. 1917

Dearest Mother -

I wrote you last Sunday - a week ago today. On Monday, I received your letter of Feb. 4, the one I was expecting. Then, this morning, I received yours of the 8th of Feb. See, your letters take almost a month to get here now. Some people say they go to France and then back here, as according to arrangements before the breakup, we should be in France before this. As it is, there is still no talk of our going.

You had received mine of the 20th. Now, I didn't write cousin Grace till Jan. 27, the same day I wrote next letter to you and, of course, could give her no definite news in that hut, I don't see how she could have received that letter then. She must have seen something in the papers or something.

Yesterday, I remembered that your birthday comes in a couple of weeks so sent you in separate covers, two fancy post cards I bought in Godalming. It is not much but will serve to show that I had not forgotten. I think I should have mailed them sooner. Wouldn't it be nice if they reached you on the right day?

The other day, I received a fourth parcel of "Presbyterians" - the four for January. I notice that it is changed and that apparently the "Presbyterians" and "Westminster" are now one. I suppose it is because of scarcity of paper. In England here, it is getting very scarce. The newspapers are increasing their price and in the YMCA's here, we are asked to use as little paper as we can or they will not be able to supply us with it. I have received now the papers for Sept., Nov., Dec. & Jan. It looks very much as tho the bundle for Oct. has been lost. It will be too bad if such is the case. I am saving the story and now have quite a bit of it. The loss of the four papers will not matter so very much as it is near the first of story - much better that than losing last of story.

I hope Gladys & Cecil are well over the grippe and that you were fortunate enough to escape. The weather here continues pleasant & mild - very different from weather at home, I guess. I am feeling pretty well these days. There are quite a few huts around here quarantined for measles and mumps. One of the subsections in this battery is now in quarantine. I have been rather fortunate never to have been in quarantine yet at all. Best love to all.
Yours sincerely,

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