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Date: March 28th 1918

From: France
Thurs. 28 Mar. 1918

Dearest Mother -

There has been little mail of any sort lately so I have not heard from you since I wrote last. But, I just thought, did I forget to tell you in my last letter that I had received those Sunday School Times alright? I received them on the 19th of March - all the ones for January, and certainly found some real good things in them.

The weather continues good - some remarkably fine, bright, clear days. In fact, the whole month of March has been unusually fine. I think I will enclose for you to keep for me, a photo Kent gave me. It is one he and Blaikie had taken one day they were down from the guns for a bath. Kent is wearing a steel hat and his small box respirator (for gas) at the alert position. Blaikie's is hanging at his side.

Easter comes early this year doesn't it? Tomorrow is Good Friday. I wonder if the weather has moderated a bit at home and if you will have a spring-like Easter.

I fear that Musgrave who has been taking an officer's R.F.C. course for sometime and was nearly thru, is now back in the artillery at Witley and likely soon to rejoin the battery. He was almost thru, it seems, when for some reason, they recommended him for another six week's course. This must have discouraged him and he apparently gave it up. There has always been two branches of the air service - the R.F.C. and the R.N.A.S. (Royal Naval Air Service) which is much harder to qualify in and takes much longer, and is harder to get into - the navy being a higher branch of the service than the army. Now, the two have been united under one head to be called the R.A.F. or Royal Air Force. There will be different branches as aeroplanes, seaplanes, or airships. To get into it, a fellow has to be British born & of British parentage and between the ages of 17 yrs, 9 mos & 30 yrs. I think it is just as well they are united.

Well, things have started to happen and that fact should hasten the end we are looking for. We all believe he is making one last stupendous effort. Let us but hold him and we have him beaten. I think I may as well enclose also another of those photos, like the two I sent before. I hope you got the other two but you might as well have a 3rd as it is rather a poor picture of me, and there is no one I would care to send them to. Best of love to yourself and the rest.
Yours affectionately,

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