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Date: May 19th 1917
R. G. Brown

From: Somewhere in France
Saturday, 19 May 1917
post marked - Toronto - 12 June
post marked - Mallorytown - 12 June

Dearest Mother -

Hope you have received all the field cards I have sent. They serve to let you know that I am getting along alright, even if they do not convey much information. The last mail I have received, reached me on May 3 when I received your letter of March 27 and Aunt Bertha's of April 1. You mentioned, I believe, a letter from cousin Grace which I have not yet received.

There has been an odd dull or rainy day lately, but for the most part for the past two or three weeks, the weather has been extremely fine - bright, warm and sunny. In the early morning, walking across the fields, one could imagine oneself at home, the weather is so similar. The trees are getting green again now - dandelions and other spring flowers are in bloom and some apple trees I saw near here are all blossomed out. At first, I often wondered where they got the expression "sunny France" but now it seems more appropriate and then too, we are probably not in the sunniest part. I was for a time, back at the wagon lines but am now up at the guns and like it better. I have been trying to locate Joe Greig. I was out several evenings from our wagon lines trying to find theirs. They are not far away. I learned that that battery was split up some time ago and what to look for, but was not successful. I wrote him telling what I was in and a few days later had a note from him that he got to me somehow or other, so I may see some of them soon.

How lonely poor Grandma must be and how strange that Mr. Poole should pass away too so nearly at the same time. The parcel that Rev. W.W. Purvis said he had sent, has not arrived yet. Lots of parcels get here but I think too that many go astray as other fellows have been expecting parcels in vain for some time.

I often think of you and the others at home. The fellows up here often talk of home & wish they were there. I do so hope that you & others at home are well. I am taking care of myself out here and you mustn't worry.
Best of love,
R.G. Brown

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