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Arthur Teer

Sec 1 -15 #91239
21st Battery C.F.A
6th Howitzer Brigade
St Martins plains
Shorncliffe Kent

My Dear Aunt Sahra

I was very much pleased to again receive your ever welcome letter & to know that you are all safe & well.

We are working very hard & get very little time to ourselves now a days & as a result I fear my correspondence is not very regular. I spent two days in London last week our first leave for over 10 weeks. I had a very good time indeed. The English people are just grand & treat us Canadians splendid they cannot do enough for us & we appreciate it very much.

While their I had the pleasure of living in quite one of the best homes & I saw a great many very interesting & amazing sights among which was a large collection of war trophies namely 3 aeroplanes, mines, torpedoes, guns etc captured from the germans which was very interesting & some quite gruesome. I don't think I told you about a little experience we had with a german [censored] It arrived over our camp about [censored] & succeeded in dropping [censored] 4 within [censored] of [censored] they were of a very powerful nature & did [censored] as well as [censored] of our best horses. It was a terrible feeling to just have to stand & take it all without being able to reply. we had a very busy night looking after the [censored] & was very pleased when day light broke.

I do not think they will pay us another visit as we shall be better prepared. But it was a very unpleasant experience & something we do not care to have repeated. please excuse this awful scrawl & scratches we are having lectures at night & we only get a few minutes to spare. we are leaving for our firing practice to Salisbury plains next week after which we shall very soon go to the front possibly Serbia.

Well dear Auntie you are very fortunate not to be at war.

Although we all feel it was impossible for us to stay out of it & although you are so far away I feel sure your thoughts & sympathies are all with us. I really do not think the war can last so very much longer but one thing I do know The people in England will stay determined & thoroughly convinced they are in the right.

We shall be very glad when we get a chance to do fighting & some have already made the supreme sacrifice one I have just heard about to-day. Well auntie this much be very dry to you & I shall have to close, I guess you are thinking of Christmas now & are busy making preparations.

Please remember me to Cousin Edith, Daisy, Uncle Henry & all the Rest & I wish you all the very merriest & happiest Christmas & New Year it has been your pleasure to enjoy with kindest regards & love from

Your Loving Nephew

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