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Date: October 7th 1917
Arthur Teer

Oct 7/17

My Dear Auntie

Thank you so much for the sentiments that you expressed in your latest & every welcome letter of Sept 12/17 I also hope & pray that I may get back again safely to see you all once again. The entrance of United States in the war has given us all greater confidence in an early & victorious peace.

The fighting continues with ever increasing violence & could you only witness the fighting you would marvel that any thing human could survive such terrible bombardments with the enemy getting it far the heaviest & mainly by it are we slowly & surely achieving our objective we have won as you probably know some exceptionally very heavy fought for battles quite recently, the conditions & hardships experienced by our troops during such engagements are terribly trying just recently my unit has been transferred to a somewhat quieter part of the line.

There is becoming a feeling of fall about & we are having very heavy rains with cold weather & the mud is already becoming very bad.

Violet has sent me several snapshots of the family lately I appreciate them immensely & positively would not have known Billie the way he has grown since I last saw him. Uncle Fred writes me occasionally. Both Grandma & him & the children where keeping well as I most sincerely hope you & Uncle Henry Daisy & Edith the Children & all the others are. please excuse my letter writing "Auntie" I simply cannot find a thing to say & if I had I s'pose the censors would not allow me the priviledge of referring it. I do hope with all my heart your harvest was plentiful & successful food is in much demand although there does not appear to be a very serious shortage I n France yet. I had a leave of ten days to England lately & went to Edinburgh & London & had a very very enjoyable time but it is terribly hard coming back to this place & life again. However I spose it is work we must all carry through & we shall all continue to be cheery & optimistic as possible. I must close again "Auntie" the shelling has been considerably quieter the last few days the weather has chiefly been the cause. I can only talk a little French & write less. English is very well understood in the majority of places I have been out here yet.

With kindest Love, Regards, & Wishes to all I Remain.

Your Loving Nephew
Arthur Teer

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