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Date: March 1st 1914

March 1st 1914

Dear Mother,

Well, if indications count for anything we are going to have an early spring. March has certainly come in like a lion. For two or three days we have had a stormy time of it. Wind, rain, sleet and quite cold. Such a change to the beginning of [the] week when people were out in spring suits and without overcoats, so I guess it is better to have the storms now than later on.

I did not go to church this morning. Uncle Bert went alone. They did not call me 'till 11:45 A.M. and I slept all morning. Was out for a nice walk this afternoon but it is too cold to stay out long.

We were just counting up tonight at the table. Easter Sunday is on April 12th, so that it is just about 6 weeks now. After that it wont be long 'till the good weather is here. That is, we hope not.

Did I tell you that I had frozen another ear? Just two so far this winter, and four times last winter, so you see the weather is quite moderate.

Have not had a skate since I left home. Started out one night but did not reach my destination until it was too late. I guess I won't do much at it this year.

Aunt Jean says she has started twice to write to you but they were both blue so she tore them up. She will write some time during the week.
Ruth is getting along pretty well. She is quite hearty and can hold her own with the cough. But it is quite a different proposition with Alfred. He never eats much at [the] best of times but since he has been sick it is much worse. Poor kid has been in bed with his whooping cough for four days now and the cough leaves him so weak. He is all in when he gets over a spell. And he is so frightened of the cough. Always afraid he will choke. I guess there will be no let-up until Spring when they can get out to play. Received Alf's letter O.K. Will write to him later.

I was thinking I might go out to Whites for Easter. Evelyn was in a couple of weeks ago and she reminded me that I hadn't been out for a year and a half. I would like to go out for the week as that will be about the last holiday on the calander [sic] for quite some time. I wouldn't be surprised if Evelyn was married this Summer, in the Fall anyway. She does not say much as there is nothing definite but indications are that way. She did quite a lot of shopping while in town lately.

Hope to hear from Father soon. Guess he has done what I asked him before this. Lots of love for you all from all folks at 96 Furly and best wishes for Miss Smith.

Loving son

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