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Date: May 16th 1915

16 May 1915

On board 'Carpathia' (Quebec)

Just a line as it will probably be the last chance to write before we sail. We came on board this A.M. at 11, so we have had one meal already. And if they are all as good I will be quite satisfied. Our quarters are excellent. I am located on the Promenade deck at just about the middle of the boat. I am in with two Captains and a Lieutenant.

Have just completed a tour of inspection and found a nice surgery where I will make my headquarters. All the officers are nice and my co-worker Dr Garfat is a Winnipeg boy and we are going to be great friends. I am located just across from a lavatory and a bath, white porcelain.

We have a crack band on board and every little while it bursts out with a hymn to remind us it is Sunday. We have had no service yet and will not today as everybody is busy getting straightened around.

Had quite a little stay at Chateau Frontenac. I don't like to pass any opinion on Quebec but, if I had to make it my home on my return, I would not return at all. Too much hills and French, and no room to walk or breathe. Most of the streets are like our narrow alleys. Not for me.
I expect we will be in the St. Lawrence for a few days yet. Our escorts are waiting for us at Halifax. We are waiting for the 31st of Calgary to arrive tonight or tomorrow. The weather is ideal. I hope it continues so until we get over there.

I was down below and located Roy White. He, as usual, has a cold, but will be O.K., I expect, when we get started. This old boat isn't a palace but believe me it is very comfortable and the crowd is very fine. The great majority of the officers are total abstainers and there will not be much drinking done on board, not if the Brigadier knows it.

Now I am going to close and I may not get a chance to write again for some time. If I do I will, but in the meantime, be good and please don't worry.
Lots of love for you all and don't forget your own dear self.

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