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Date: February 24th 1917

Feb. 24, 1917

Dear Lola,

Just a few lines hoping this letter finds you all as well as it leaves me at the present time. The weather here has changed considerably during the past week so instead of snow and frost we have mud and rain which I think must be France and Belgium's national plague.

The trenches are in a state that is better imagined than described and I certainly feel sorry for the boys who are not as lucky as myself. I am lucky for just as the trenches were getting their worse I was sent out on an N.C.O. course which will keep me out of the trenches for another two weeks so by that time the trenches should be a little drier than they are just now.

I'm sorry I couldn't write before for we can't always get paper to write on and we can't carry much with us for it all gets dirty so quick. We can't always post them when we do write and I tore one up today. I had wrote to you but it had got too dirty by being carried in my pocket.

I guess men must be getting scarce in Canada now for there must be an awful large number over here and in England now.

Well I'll have to close now so Remember me to Mr. Passmore Mrs. Passmore & Jennie and Fred when you write. Excuse this poor apology of a letter and write as often as possible. I Remain

Yours Sincere Friend
George H Tripp