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Date: April 19th 1917
Lola and Jennie

April 19, 1917

Dear Lola & Jennie,

Just a few lines to let you know I am still well and to thank you for your parcel which I received safely. It is very good of you to remember me out here in fact I often think you must have exceptionally good memoires for it seems such a long time since I last saw any of you. The weather here is very bad for when it isn't raining it is snowing so altogether it keeps very muddy.

I guess you know by now that we attacked the germans last week at vimy so you can tell by the papers what success attended our efforts. We certainly did better than we expected. The germans were so surprised that some only had carpet slippers on. Do you know whether Fred was in action for I see by the papers that considerable cavalry forces were used. We have been very busy lately so I have had very little time to write. I have got my second stripe now so I'm corporal instead of L/cpl.

I received an Easter card from Miss K. Fraser wishing me a happy Easter. Well Easter Sunday wasn't very happy for we were very busy and our eggs were bombs but Easter Monday was happy enough for we made the germans run although it couldn't have been very happy for them.

Well I guess I'll have to draw this scribble to a close so Please remember me to Mr. & Mrs. Passmore and Fred. That is all for this time so I'll close hoping this finds you all as well as it leaves me at present.

Yours Sincerely
George H Tripp

P.S. Will Booker is back in this Battalion again and he looks well after his rest out of the trenches.