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Date: May 15th 1916
Allen Hager



Dear Sister Emily:-

Rec. your very welcome [?] this morning and as I have a few moments to spare I may as well [?] it. Time certainly [?] around here it is nearly [?] months since [?] army and [?] it won't seem long [?] it'll be two years. Of course I feel as young as ever only the fact remains that I'm getting older. It seems a long time. When a person looks back you were just in short dresses when last I saw you and now you are a young lady. I believe it is six years last month since I left New Ontario. What things have happened since then. I often think of poor little Janie Clark and how hard it must be for her to be waiting for me so long it is over three years since I saw her. I do hope dear sister that you are trying to cheer her [?] Poor old Hobs[?] is as dirty as ever. Bob Ja[?] seems to have had very [?] luck. I hope Meadie soon gets better. I think Alberta would be a good climate for her. Chances are she would get better out there. Both the Red and the Assinaboine have overflowed their banks in Wpg. I have several friends in Wpg that I write to and they report very heavy floods. I suppose if I ever reach McCool again I'll be lost in some of the main streets [?] there'll be so many [?] that I don't know that [?] I'll begin to [?] I have [?] the wrong [?] spoke about [?] Well I know him well. He is not a bad sort in his way, but to be plain with you he is not the sort of fellow I would like to have keeping company or corresponding with my sister. He maybe a better fellow than I am in lots of respects, but the least said the better. His habits are clean in every respect, but he is very ignorant in other words a white washed yankee. I would not blame poor old Wesley because he is a very poor judge of a man and besides [?] he means well only [?] foolish at times [?] to [?] [be]cause he [?] only just ignore W. Carson's letters he will soon stop writing. I think I know Carson better than Wesley does. I have written to Susie several times and have never received a answer but I will write again. I know she has her hands full with all the kiddies. I won't know myself when I get back. I'm afraid with so many nieces and nephews I'll begin to feel quite ancient. There are two pieces of egg on this letter you wrote me did you put them there on purpose so that I could [?] just a whiff of your breakfast, just enough [?] me and [?] more[?]. Why [?] sometimes I picture myself back in McCool up before a grand audience in the old church giving a stump speech on the horrors of war also the glories. I don't think I'd be like Jim and Anderson and want to cook eggs to suit myself, I think I'd be quite satisfied with anything in the shape of an egg, cooked or raw. Has David Short still got old Daisy and [?] May and his [?] other pets. How are [?] try to get our [?] out first on Monday morning and does she still make $4 lbs and a pat of butter? and do the hens pick his lettuce of? I can just imagine Old Hobson singing some of those old Scotch songs. I was showing the boys how he used to sing and the gestures he use to go through I thought they'd all have a kink. There certainly are lots of rats in this country they are very much like [?] rats, horrible [?] I don't think [?] I agree though [?] by any [?] Thanks very much for the chocolate [?] fine comb and powder they certainly are fine. I hope I never have to use them though that is the powder, I use the comb every day. It feels great on my bean. Well I could write all day and then [?] have said very much that is nothing interesting but never mind I'll talk the head off you after the war. It has been [?] for nearly three [?] fresh [?] hope it'll clear up soon as I'd rather have sunshine.

Well I must close for this time best regards and lots of love for all.

Your loving brother Allen