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Date: February 19th 1915

February 19, 1915

My Darling Girl,

We arrived here O.K. Had a nice trip down. There are 14 of the H.Q.S. together. Pat and I are with them and that young fellow Archie Gordon who your friend spoke about and some of his friends all very nice, the pick of the staff. We have a few bums, but they are going to be transferred to the Battery as soon as possible. Dearest Alice, the food on the train was excellent but we were very glad of that lunch. We did not have dinner until 3 o'clock. For dinner we had boiled mutton, caper sauce, potatoes, rice pudding and coffee. Supper - stew, preserves and tea. Breakfast this morning - porridge, sausages, bacon, and coffee. We have not had dinner today yet. We have not arrived at Halifax yet. I am writing this as we go along. After we left yesterday some of the bunch got drunk but not any of our own crowd. We were all in bed last night at 9 o'clock and up at 6 o'clock this morning. We just pulled out of Newcastle where we had an exercise parade. We just marched round the town and back to the train. The whole town turned out to see us. The school was let out to see us off at the station. My Darling Alice, please always remember me in your prayers and think of me sometimes. Dear Alice don't bury yourself now but go on and enjoy yourself. If I am spared through this war I am coming back to you. I did not know how much I loved you until Tuesday night and then my heart broke. Now believe me Alice. This is true. Although I cannot see you now, I look at your watch and think I can see you. Please don't think that because I have left you that I have finished with you. I love you now more than I ever did. When I go home I shall not go to see Hilda. If she comes to the house, I shall just treat her as an ordinary friend so please don't think anything different. There's a dear. Trust me now Child as you have trusted me in the past and I promise you that I will be as true to you as if I were still with you. Remember me to Jock and tell him I am sorry I did not see him but that I could not help it. How did the pictures turn out? I hope they were good. Don't send any to me until I send you my address. Well sweetheart, I don't think I have any more to say now, so I will close.

With fondest love,
From your own boy


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