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Date: February 27th 1915

Saturday, Feb. 27th,

Last night H.M.S. Essex was signaling for about an hour. I tried to read the signal but when it was finished I could not make head or tail of it. It was probably a code message. It was very dull this morning and later turned to rain. We have made 1,100 miles up to noon today and we expect to make port next Wednesday. Tomorrow we are going to have a church parade and I will be able to go to church and say my prayers.

It is now nine o'clock and I am in my bunk writing this. I have got a bad fit of the blues my friend. You don't know how much I miss you. There are a lot of fellows here and they are very lively and social but to a fellow who has been accustomed to the company of a sincere and great a friend as you have been to me, it is a great change. Don't think when you read this that I have got cold feet. These are the feelings of my heart, and it is lonely for the dearest girl I ever knew. Good night. I am going to bed now.


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