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Date: October 15th 1944
Mother & Dad
Clifford Callcott


Callcott. CH.

R90468. R.C.A.F.


Oct. 15. 44.

Dearest, Mother & Dad.

Well here it is the middle of Oct and I hope this letter finds, you Mom & Dad & Sis in the best of health, as the same is here. Well I received another swell parcel from you yesterday mailed on the 2nd of Sep, and the letter inside was a nice long one & very interesting to read, every thing in the parcel was swell the cookies came over & wasn't even broke, so you can tell what a good wrapper you are. Well I guess by now you will have made up your minds if you are going to move or maybe moved by now. I will be much [?] in the city especially for the winter & let's hope the [?] is up to the mark, it will also be better for Betty & more than likely Mary & I will settle in London after the war, of course it all depends on what Mary wants to do, we have had some nice weather but tonight it has started to rain. Well here it is another night & it has stopped raining for a change. I guess I'm getting like you Mom writing letters on the installment but it's better than none, what say? I received another 300 cigs from Superfest today that's two lots in a month. And I must write to them, thanking them for the smokes.

I go on leave a week from this Thursday but leave is only for in this country, so I'm going to Brussels it's only Five days, but will be a change and rest. I'm keeping my diary up few days, but the most important things are in it, & it will be kind of nice to read it after this is all over. Well Folks I guess this is about all for once more, hope to see you soon, & Thanks again for the parcel. So Bye and more good luck. Your Ever Loving Son.


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