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Date: September 21st 1944
Mother & Dad
Clifford Callcott



R.90468. RCAF. O/S

Sep 21. 44

Dearest Mother & Dad.

Hello, Folks, yes it is I again, and as usuall not very much in the line of interest "but whats the diff. ah" Today has been really nice, we have had the sun shine the whole day & that's more sun than what we have had for the last week and we sure hope it keeps like this for sometime.

This afternoon, we went for a walk to the nearest village & happened to stumble onto a café where they had ice cream and bot did it ever taste good, so good that we had a few dishes each. I guess they thought at the café that we were kind of making pigs of ourselves but then we couldn't help that, "what [?]," In my next letter I will send you a couple of Belgium francs, the money is much the same as the French but a different colour, something the same as our money & the American s as far as colour goes, we took a german sign from a post and the word on it is ([?]) I guess it means gas warning. Anyway that's what we call our tent now, of course we change the name of it, as the change of scenery comes along.

Well Mother & Dad I guess this is all for once again, hope you both are in the best of health, take care of yourselves.

Bye now

Your Ever Loving Son


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Original Scans