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Date: March 6th 1915

Saturday, March 6th

We stayed in Queenstown harbour all Thursday and Friday morning we were moved down towards the sea where we again anchored. Destroyers are continually on the go and we got several orders from them. About 5 o'clock p.m. two destroyers came alongside. We got more orders and then steamed out accompanied by three destroyers. We went very slow until we got out of the harbour because it is all mined. We then dropped the pilot and steamed full speed one destroyer in front and one on each side. It was very exciting. It was just dark and suddenly searchlights flashed on us from out at sea somewhere. One of our guards answered and we were in darkness again. We have not the slightest idea where we are bound for it is now 9 o'clock a.m. but we can see no land yet. I am going to deck to see if there is anything on now. Goodbye.

I am on the train now. We arrived in Liverpool about 12 o'clock and went aboard the train. Pat and myself were told off with some more men to see the officer's baggage on the train. All the rest were in the train. We were nearly finished when the train started. We just threw the rest of the stuff on and then had to run for it. If you had seen us going you would have laughed. Pat is away down the end of the train somewhere and I am in the front. I cannot realize that we are in England. It all seems so funny here now. I don't know where we are bound for but I will write as soon as possible.

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Original Scans