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Date: April 6th 1915

Gunner Hale
H.Q.S. 6th Brigade F.A.
2nd Division C.E.F.
Moore Barracks


My Dearest Alice,

I received your letter this morning and Lily's too. I was out signaling when they came but one of the boys brought them to me. You ask me if I ever sit by the fire and think of you. I very often do and try to think what you are doing. I think I generally know. That is a very good picture of the fellow thinking of his girl sitting by the campfire. I am so glad that you think so much of your soldier boy Alice. I am looking forward to the day when I shall see my ideal again. Don't laugh when you read this. I mean it. You are my ideal. And I am glad that you have discovered that you like me and that you are proud of me now. When did you find it out dear? My sisters thought that you had trained me well. I believe they thought that I would be a kind of a wild man being away from home so long. They were all so glad when they found out that I do not drink and still went to church sometimes. My brother Fred does not improve any and they are ashamed of him and so am I. Dearest Alice, 100 men of the 22nd Battery and two signalers are going to the front this week and the H.Q.S. are going to be distributed among the Batteries and also the Ammunition Column. So we shall go to the front sooner. All signaling with flags is stopped now and it is all done by telephone. Well dear, I don't care how I go so long as I get there and I do so much want to go. When we get transferred to the batteries I am going to work hard. I know something about gun drill so I shall be all right. What is all this trouble between Lily and Hobbs? Who has been telling tales now and who is Bessie anyhow? I am sorry to hear all this trouble in the family circle when I am away. I can see that I will have to come back before the ware finishes if this goes on to take care of my darling Alice and my big sister Lily. Next time you write, send me Hobbs's address please. I shall have to write to him but don't be afraid of that. I won't say anything naughty. Gordon and I went to a show last night and while we were waiting to get in we saw a terrible fight between some Imperial troops. There were some women with them and they were all drunk. You never saw anything like it. It was awful. I caught hold of Gordon and we beat it. We did not want to get mixed up with such a low drunken lot. Well dear Alice, I am still keeping in the right path and when I come back to you, I shall be just the same as when I left except that I shall be a little more experienced. Goodbye dear, dinner is on now. Give my love to all.

I remain
Your Loving Bob

Just heard we are going to be transferred this afternoon.
Goodbye with my best love.

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