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Date: May 24th 1915

Gunner Hale
1st Battery R.F.A.
Canadian Reserve Brigade
Ross Barracks

May 24th, 1915

My Dearest Alice,

I have just got back from London last night and I found your two lovely letters waiting for me. Thank you very much for them I had a nice quiet time while I was at home. I went out with my sister sometimes and I went down to Sevenoaks in Kent to see some cousins of mine. That is a very pretty place round there. Well sweetheart, today is the 24th of May. Where are you going today? I would love to be with you for a while. Well dear, I got back from London about five o'clock last night and then I went to a place called Sandling about four miles from here to see the 24th. I saw Claric Booth and George Hifkins but I did not see Eddie Clift. I guess I will see him soon. Claric looks well. I would have liked you to have seen him when he saw me. He just let one yell and made a run. You know how crazy he used to go sometimes. We went and had tea in town and a little walk. Then I had to come back. I was glad to see him. I will try to get over again before we go away. Well dear Alice, I am so glad you like the photos and the bracelet. After the war is finished I may bring some of the bunch to tea and I may not be we will try. I am glad you think of me sometimes darling and even dream. Do you know dear, you are always in my mind now and never out of it? I had a dream last week. I will tell you what it was. Our battery had been in action and suffered very heavily. I was wounded and I seemed to be in a big room but the nurses were all French. Then I saw a vision of you standing at the bed with your arms out calling to me. But between you and I there was a wide gap and I could not cross it. You waited for a long time and then you smiled and said I will come back dear. Then you went away. That was a funny dream. Do you know dear when I woke up I was greatly upset. I could not understand it and cannot yet. Can you? I am so glad you like the boys. The three in front rank are not going to the front now. They have decided to get a job at the pay office in London. The gink has got bad feet and cannot go. The roughrider is an instructor and can't go and the other guy I don't think he will ever go. So you see dear, I am the only lucky one out of the bunch. I am glad you put my name on the roll of honour. Thank you so much for it. I will finish this little letter now. It is just breakfast time now and I could not do anything until I had written to you. I will write again later today. Goodbye darling. Give my best wishes to all and my best love to you.

I remain

Your loving boy Bob

This is not a letter. Just a little note to relieve my mind until later.
Goodbye darling


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